PXL student tower

The project builds further on the modernist history of the site and aims to represent the school campus with a single architectural face. After all, the appeal of the new faculty starts with the appeal of the whole. The campus can be read as a sum of separate identities that together form a whole. But it is mainly the superposition of these parts that creates a diverse and attractive spatial composition. A composition of upright beams emerges from the heart of the campus. The triptych of towers: the existing student tower, the tower of the PXL-MAD School of Arts and the educational buildings come into dialogue with each other.


Behind a screen of trees, the monolithic faculty buildings appear. These giants of concrete and brick lies flat in the grass. Each building has its own architectural style and therefore seems to meet 'by chance'. Nevertheless, the beam volumes creates a calm whole due to his uniformity. They acquire meaning because they stand in a spatial relationship with what is already there. They provide cohesion; one attractive campus with a clear framework and an impressive play of volumes.


Like the neighboring PXL Mad faculty, the building is supported by a concrete skeleton that continues into a terrace area at the entrance. This plinth not only supports the building, but also serves as a place to stay. To emphasize the brutalist character of the building, a special brick has been chosen. A subtle detail is added to the large masonry surfaces on the end walls by allowing the steel sheet of the canopies on the south wall to continue in these walls, but with a reduced overhang. The openings in these end walls are hidden behind claustra masonry. In this way, the monolithic character is further emphasized.


From its volumetry and materialization, the project searches for its own identity and builds up on the sum of identities by leaving each building speak for their own value and by manifesting itself as an anchor point thanks to its own identity.


2020 - 2022




Hasselt, Belgium


Student housing






Stijn Bollaert


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