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We are always searching for motivated and passionate colleagues. Send us an email with your CV, cover letter and portfolio and we will contact you as soon as possible.

For contacting a member of the the team, you can send an email to
(first name)(dot)(last name)(at)a2o(dot)be

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From investigative design to connective architecture



a2o designs and builds from a dedicated and serving attitude that is characterised by four themes.


Working at and in ‘spaces' is a social and public matter: every spatial intervention has an impact. Our designs promote sustainability and strive for a social and ecological balance.


Our architecture evokes an image by conscientiously combining form and content. Insight and evocation stimulate aesthetics. The imagined adds a dimension.


Smart plan.
A compelling design is a restrained design. Our interventions are always successful integrations: a balancing act between logical simplicity and complexity.


We associate and connect man and space with the past and the future. The appropriateness comes from its social context, the history of the space and its cultural background. We build in a dialogue with our clients, with careful attention for users and passers-by.


a2o designs in an investigative, engaged and connective way

a2o designs in an evocative, appropriate, restrained and logical way

a2o is prepared for processes and moves from “insight to vision”





Vissersstraat 2
B-3500 Hasselt
0032 11 26 03 30


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